Vipin Yadav

Full-stack Engineer in Mumbai.

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Hi there! My name is Vipin. I'm a Full-stack Engineer and a proud audiophile. I often make small but super useful automation scripts for web.

Feels great having spent more than a half-decade building tech products that served millions of users.

I write📝 on my blog and love teaching and helping people become better coders! In my spare time, I love listening to 🎻 or watching ✈️ videos.

I also like to make cool things with electrical devices. In terms of what I do, you might have seen me de🐛 your colleagues code, ssh-ing a random server for no reason, teaching systems & database design or play online ♟️chess.

I can be your technical consultant and grow your business 🚀 through the power of 🌐 web.

Feel free to email me if you want to chat about your business idea💡! Or if you wanna just talk about tech, that's AOK too!! Cuz I love talking!